To ensure the grapes are of the highest quality, Bodega y Viñedos O. Fournier focuses in vine and grape management, in particular by: limiting the use of fertilisers, treatments and irrigation; green harvesting; and harvesting the grapes manually with the company´s own workers. This will allow Bodega y Viñedos O. Fournier to secure high quality grapes with an average yield of 1-1.5 kg. per vine.

Bodega y Viñedos O. Fournier is also currently co-operating with local producers. The company analysed over 170 estates, examining the quality of the grapes and the producers´ willingness to manage their vineyards in line with the recommendations of the Bodega´s technical experts. After this analysis, Bodega y Viñedos works with a selection of these producers.

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