The grapes were picked manually and placed in 18-kg. boxes. Then the grapes were selected at the sorting table, where the workers chose the best clusters. The fermentation and maceration processes were carried out in stainless steel vats for approximately 25 days (depending on the variety) at a temperature between 26 and 28ēC. Malolactic fermentation took place in oak barrels, where the wines remain for approximately 12 to 18 months. Once the ageing process in wood is complete, the wine will be bottled and kept until it is ready for consumption.

Bodega y Viņedos O. Fournier has produced 44,000 bottles of its best wine under the " Crux" label. This wine has spent 17 months in new oak barrels and 12 months in bottles. It has also produced 63,700 bottles of the second wine, " Crux". This wine has aged in new oak barrels for 12 months and in bottles for a minimum of six months.

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