High-quality grapes are the fundamental factor for O. Fournier to proceed with a rigorous selection and control of vineyards.

The Maule region is one of the areas with the longest-tradition vineyards areas in Chile.  These old-vine dry farming vineyards with such complexity and balance grapes allow O. Fournier  to produce wines with exceptional characteristics and personality. O. Fournier has the mission to recuperate these old vineyards maintaining their original plant density, training systems and working on regulating yields on a per plant basis.  All these care allow our vineyards to produce 4,000 kg/Ha. and thus produce exceptional wines.

We have secured long-term agreements with old-vine vineyard owners where O. Fournier staff control all the viticultural aspects.
We are also in the process of grafting old Uva Pais vines into more international varieties best suited for high-quality wines.

We are one of the few terroir-focused winery groups. In Chile all our red grapes come exclusively from the Maule region and our best Sauvignon Blanc and, in the future, Pinot Noir from San Antonio  (Leyda and Lo Abarca).

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