The winery works with leading international suppliers, mainly from France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, for the following winemaking processes:

Harvesting: The grapes are picked manually, by  our own workers, and placed in 18-kg. boxes, allowing the Bodega to control the quality of the grapes right from the vineyard.

Grape selection: The best grape clusters are selected at a sorting table.

Crushing: The winery uses a crushing-destemming machine, with adjustable stainless steel rolls. Only half of our grapes are crushed. The grapes fall inside the vats through gravity, avoiding the use of pumps.

Fermentation: The stainless steel vats are equipped with a hot and cold water device. Most fermentation is done with cold maceration with dry-ice.

Pressing: The winery uses a pneumatic press with electronic pressure control for pressing the marc.

Ageing: The ageing process takes place in 225 litre barrels, 100 per cent are made of French oak. The barrels are stored in cellars, where the temperature and humidity are strictly controlled. The winery purchases barrels from prestigious coopers from France.


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