Leyda: Winter during 2007 was one of the harshest in many years so flowering was delayed for 12 days. August was the month with the lowest temperatures (1.6ºC where the average is 3 ºC). Spring was also colder than other years. But higher temperatures in the summer forced more irrigation.
In spite of this significant variation, harvest was delayed for 10 days. The Sauvignon Blanc had exceptional acidity, aromas and alcohol. The low level of rainfall did not cause any problems with the sanity of the grapes.

Maule:  As with Leyda, winter was unusually harsh, with very low temperatures and a significant amount of frost. Summer was radically different, with higher average temperatures compared with previous years.
The 2008 vintage was influenced by one of the driest years in the region. In spite of this severe drought, our old dry-farming vineyards managed to perform extremely well. The sanity of the grapes was perfect due to the lack of rainfall.

Harvest was earlier than usual in light of the special weather conditions, where Merlot, Carignan, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon matured in perfect conditions. The wines from this vintage present exceptional quality with high concentration and elegance (smaller clusters and berries than usual). They also posses great acidity and varietal tipicity.


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